Intro to Forrest Yoga 2018

DATE: 2018 (Saturday and Sunday TBA), 2:00-4:00pm

LOCATION: FitMix Houston, 2311 Canal St., Houston, TX 77003

WHAT TO BRING: 1) Yoga mat, 2) large body towel, 3) yoga block, 4) water

COST: $45 Early Bird for Entire Weekend ($60 Regular) / $35 for one workshop

SCHOLARSHIPS: If you cannot afford to pay to attend these workshops, please email ForrestYogaHouston [at] gmail [dot] com to request a full scholarship. Limited spots available. 

Learn the basics of Forrest Yoga in a fun and inclusive  learning environment. Everyone is welcome, even if you've never done yoga before. Be prepared to sweat a little, laugh a lot, and leave feeling lighter. These workshops will help you relieve tension, build strength, and breathe better. Co-taught by the Forrest Yoga Teachers of Houston.  

Come to both workshops or just one. We will break down each yoga pose one by one before you do it. There will be many teachers walking around the room to offer you personal guidance. These workshops are good for:

  • First-time Beginners
  • Experienced Beginners
  • People with physical limitations
  • Beginners desiring a primer for regular group classes
  • Strengthening, conditioning
  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Experienced Practitioners who want to revisit the basics and refine their practice
  • Anyone who is new to the Forrest Yoga style


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